Volunteering & Travelling

This blog began life as a journal of a year long adventure. Four (mostly) ordinary family members planning to pack up our everyday lives and head off in a camper van around the UK. I spent the nine months or so leading up to actually getting in that camper van and driving off documenting how we made it happen - the planning and preparation, the reasons why we were doing it at all and all of the logistics of how we hoped it would all pan out.

You can read about just why we decided to do such a crazy thing in our early blog posts here, here and here.

In brief though we were searching for a few very specific things - the right place to call home, a different sort of lifestyle with less stuff and more meaning, a stripped back to basics existence. We were looking to acquire new skills and test out other people's lives to see if they appealed to us. We were stepping off the merry go round of consumerist society, 24 hour supermarkets, plasma TVs and constant clock watching, traffic jams and office politics and into...well we didn't really know what we were stepping into but if you read the blog you can join us and see just what we found.

I know that we get a fair amount of visitors to the blog looking for information about travelling as a family, WWOOFing and volunteering and it is my intention to try and organise blogposts accordingly so it is easier to find specific posts on those topics.

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