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Part Two of our adventure is building a new home and new life on the Isle of Rum. We have stacks of ideas and dreams and plans for this and over time we will be getting them straight and sharing them.

The biggest lesson I think we learnt last year was that it is not money that makes the world go round, it is not governments or supermarkets or other corporate giants that make things happen. It is people. People make things happen, people create change, people have the power.

A quote I love from Margaret Mead:
A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
 On that basis we are hoping that our next move can touch as many people as possible - from afar as you sit the other side of your screen reading about our adventures, by letting some of our ideas invade your life a little by educating and informing, or just maybe in real life. Over the next couple of years we will have massive amounts of work to do. Planning, designing, building, growing, livestock rearing, sowing, harvesting... In the same way as we learnt so much on our WWOOFing adventure we want to give opportunities to others to come and be a part of our project.

There will be all sorts of different ways to get involved - maybe you have skills, expertise or experience in green building, alternative technology, permaculture, design and architecture and would be prepared to offer a hand. Perhaps you are keen to learn and in exchange for being part of the project you are happy to wield a sledgehammer, feed our pigs, chop some firewood or offer your labour as directed by us. It could be that your skills don't lie in any of these areas but you are a dab hand at cooking up a mean casserole over an open fire or keeping the cups of tea coming and would love to be part of something amazing.

Coordinating this and making it all happen will no doubt be an organisational feat of epic proportions and we have some getting our heads around just what needs doing and in what order to do first - not to mention actually arriving on the island and taking stock. In the meantime if you think you might be interested in getting involved please sign up below. We'll send out newsletters detailing what is happening when, dates and plans and requirements and then get in touch personally to make arrangements.


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