Home Education

Our children, Dragon and Star (not their real names) have always been Home Educated. For us this is simply something we do and along with various other non mainstream life choices may well mark us our as different but is merely part of a long list of the things that make us us. It is however not something we take lightly and is a result of much consideration, discussion, research, championing what we believe in and consider to be the right path for us as four individuals, as a family unit and for Dragon and Star as our children and our responsibility. I don't doubt that our choice to Home Educate 10 years ago in no small way led us to head off travelling and then to settle here on Rum but then isn't all life a series of choices that led us in a certain direction?

Our educational philosophy is one of autonomous, child led facilitation of an education with a heavy emphasis on individual passions, interests, whims and flights of fancy. We consider the adults in the family to be learning every bit as much as the children with no one of us more in control of which direction education takes next than the others. I do not generally subscribe to any given approach; in education, in parenting or indeed in life in general but have read widely on the topic of educating children and were we to be forced into a box I would say we are most easily classified as radical unschoolers.

I don't post many Home Education specific posts on this blog because for us education simply happens alongside living so I rarely separate the two but I hope this blog does give an example of how one family manage to raise our children without school.

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