Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Picture This

In Sussex the view from our windows looks like this:

Here are some photos from our most recent trip to Rum...
minutes after we were told we'd got the croft we walked down to the beach to get phone reception to ring family and friends and share our news. As we stood looking out over the sea a rainbow appeared.

not a traffic jam in sight

looking out over the view

the bridge over the river that runs along the bottom of our croftland

happiness looks a lot like this...

Not a difficult choice to make really...


  1. No words ~ just a real sense of promise for you guys! You have been given a precious treasure :D

  2. We wish you all the best in all you do ((huge hugs))on your new adventure. Much love all of us here. xXx.

  3. It is gorgeous. What an adventure!! Thinking of you all. Hxx

  4. ooh it's sooo beautiful and so exciting. Really really made up for you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Thank you all - looking forward to the point when we're in a position to start inviting friends to come and see it for yourselves :)

  6. It looks fantastic - what a thrill!

    When we moved to Cornwall, we sold our house in Cheshire which has similar views to start life house sitting a 7 acre smallholding. I remember that feeling when the 5 of us found out we'd been chosen... It's Wonderful!

    Hope everything falls into place smoothly.

    Kay :)

  7. Can I get there by very slow campervan?!

  8. Wow! This looks stunningly gorgeous. What a fantastic opportunity for you all. And yep, can see why the decision was a no-brainer.. ;-)

  9. Sounds fab ... there is a homeed family living on KNOYDART ..the penisular opp the isle of sky .. 3 boys ... might be worth a contact :-) we visited them last year after meeting at HESFES .. they are the Robinsons ... Toby and Kath ..with 3 boys ...ask at Mallaig Harbour for Toby ... :-)
    Enjoy !

  10. so exciting - looks so beautiful (and empty!) and of course the bonus is you all get to decide how your croft is worked/built. Looking forward to hearing all about it.