Tuesday, 14 May 2013

About that rainbow....

Through the snot, the coughing, the too-hot, too-cold, rain lashed last few days have crept moments like these:

not one, but two rainbows!

Today, quite aside from being Ady's birthday was also the day we first enjoyed crops from the croft - freshly picked salad leaves from the polytunnel for lunch.

Ady's had a lovely birthday - cards from the kids, bacon butties for breakfast, a bath at the castle, five pounds to spend on whatever junk food he wanted at Jinty's shop, lunch of home made rolls, pate and salad, a visit from family in the afternoon and then a couple of birthday beers at the shop having been sung Happy Birthday to and shared his cake with fellow islanders. Home for curry for dinner and the promise of a fishing rod still to come.